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《Why, Charlie Brown, Why? (TV Short 1990)》

《Why, Charlie Brown, Why? (TV Short 1990)》

Top cast:
Yale Boss,Robert Conness,Mary Fuller
May el-Toukhy 
Sichuan Chongqing dialect
The couple's friends were astounded when Ethan answered a question directed at Julia about where they first met (Lake Wanaka) - revealing his ability to read lips.Detail
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《《Why, Charlie Brown, Why? (TV Short 1990)》》Storyline
In the opening credits sequence, white dots travel across the screen, opening up into a gun barrel sight as the secret agent steps into view.Will suspected hat Caesar was being mistreated in the shelter, and threatened o take him out - although he couldn"t legally get permission.Dr.Dixon was summoned to administer truth serum (sodium pentathol) to Zira, while Cornelius was taken away to his quarters, when he strongly objected to the hypodermic needle injection: "We only use those things for killing.Please kill me." She plunged the knife into the shoulder of the mocking character, as she heard Jesse tell her: "I love you, Lisa" - Freddy stopped before killing her, but threw her against the wall.When she rides "through lovers" brains," they dream of love.Whomever she visits, they dream of their greatest desires.If she rides over ladies" lips, hey dream of kisses.But she also can be angry and mischievious, causing soldiers to be startled awake in the midst of real battle - "sometimes she driveth o"er a soldier"s neck and then dreams he of cutting foreign throats, of breaches, ambuscadoes, Spanish blades, drums in his ear, at which he starts and wakes; and being hus frighted, swears a prayer or two, and sleeps again.