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American Me (1992)

American Me (1992)

Top cast:
Henry B. Walthall,Marion Leonard,Edith Haldeman
Eduard Schnedler-Sørensen 
As Rob left, but paused to linger for small-talk with Trish, she suggested he stay on the trail that rounded the lake, and then invited him back if the weather turned bad or if he wanted to take a shower.Detail
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《American Me (1992)》Storyline
She was startled by her prank-playing brother, boozing and inept Jonathan (John Hannah), who was hiding in an open coffin next to a mummy.It"s not just cards, you know.It"s your future.I want you to concentrate.I hate you going back to that oyster bar.The world should be your oyster...If you"d only stop being afraid.Deal with courage.You"re, you"re a little pearl produced by that oyster bar.Une petite perle."Lou and Drug-Dealing Dave - Meeting Up at an Atlantic City Bar:After collecting his bets, Lou met with local black mobster and bookie Fred O"Reilly (John McCurry) in the Club Harlem bar (or Clifton"s), to deliver his week"s bets ($48 dollars and 6 bits or 75 cents), down from the previous week due to economics: "Everybody"s broke!" Feeling he pinch himself, Lou tried to pawn off a silver cigarette case o Fred for a "double sawbuck" ($20 dollar bill).When Landy learned that the fingerprint at the scene of the double murder was linked to the CIA"s top-secret Treadstone project (and agent Jason Bourne who was their number one operative, but had screwed up a job off the coast of France), she was condescendingly told at CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia by Abbott that she "might have wandered a little bit past your pay grade.She fled and returned to the park bench, and shortly later wandered off.She wasn"t expecting that two shady-looking car thieves (Albert Austin and Arthur Thalasso) would come along, steal the car, and drive away from the affluent area.