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《《The Defenders: Taking the First (TV Movie 1998)》》Storyline
At the same time that Ryan was being delivered to theUSS Dallas, after dangerously ending up in the water, Captain Mancuso received orders from the National Command Authority to sink the Soviet Typhoon-class submarineRed October, captained by a "potential renegade (who) threatens independent missile launch.Elsewhere, there was more talk.The subject was Christmas dinner and whether that year the main course would be roast pork, or Duck a l""Orange.When one of Babe""s back feet became entangled in an unraveled yarn string, the frantic Ferdinand entered to untie Babe."In Metropolis"" commemorative Heroes Park to honor Superman for saving the Earth, wheelchaired double-amputee Wallace Keefe, the paralyzed employee who had been rescued by Bruce Wayne in the rubble of the Wayne Financial building in the film""s opening, was apprehended by police officers for defacing the tall, beloved Superman monument with red spray paint ("FALSE GOD").I go down to the kitchen and order dinner.Then there""s the ladies"" luncheon and bridge, always the same ladies.Then dinner - the same people we dined with last week.After dinner, poker for the men and women for the women.There""s talk of children and doctors and servants and the garden club...I can""t go on liking he same things forever and ever...I want all the lovely things I""ve got a right to.In Europe, a woman of my age is just getting o the point where men begin to take a serious interest in her.
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