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Die Kreutzersonate (1937)

Die Kreutzersonate (1937)

Top cast:
Edith Buemann,Rigmor Jerichau,Viggo Larsen
Yakov Protazanov&Elizaveta Thiman 
Cmdr.Worf (Michael Dorn); they were interrupted by a distress call from the Amargosa solar observatory that was under attack, where they found two dead Romulans and only five other survivors, including Dr.Detail
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《Die Kreutzersonate (1937)》Storyline
One man bemoans the endless waiting to leave Casablanca: "Waiting, waiting, waiting.I"ll never get out of here.I"ll die in Casablanca."A woman sells her smuggled diamonds in a glutted market to a Moor: "But can"t you make it just a little more, please?" She accepts 2,400 in Moroccan francs (about $72) as the price." After emerging from behind a tree, the two are hopelessly and crazy in love:Elaine: But Mortimer, you"re going to love me for my mind, too?Mortimer: One thing at a time.When the wine steward Foussard (Jean Martinelli) (with a white streak in his hair and a limp in his stride) first notices Robie, he prematurely pops the cork on a bottle of champagne and it bubbles over.Johnny pushes his rival off his bike and takes back his prize, as Chino accuses Johnny of stealing he trophy rather than winning it:Aw, don"t take that away from Chino.The extravagant musical finale was capped by three tremendous, back-to-back performances:"Honeymoon Hotel" - by Harry Warren (music) and Al Dubin (lyrics)"By a Waterfall" - by Sammy Fain (music) and Irving Kahal (lyrics)"Shanghai Lil" - by Harry Warren (music) and Al Dubin (lyrics)For the five years before the Hays Production Code of 1934 went into effect, the film"s dance choreographer Busby Berkeley had already been featuring barely-clad bathing beauty starlets in his extravagant productions.