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《The Young Adventurers (1993)》

《The Young Adventurers (1993)》

Top cast:
Craig T. Nelson,Samuel L. Jackson,Holly Hunter
United Kingdom
Mario Gallo 
Henry Wu (BD Wong).No Academy Awards nominations.Tagline: The park is open.With a production budget of $150 million, and box-office gross receipts of $652.3 million (domestic) and $1.67 billion (worldwide).It was the second-highest grossing (domestic revenue) of all 2015 films (behindStar Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)), and the top film in theJurassic Parkfilm franchise.Detail
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《《The Young Adventurers (1993)》》Storyline
This was the first Friday the 13th film to use digital effects for gory death scenes.Body Count:25 total deaths (21 were committed by Jason).There were 2 self-inflicted deaths, 2 accidental deaths, and 4 virtual-reality deaths.There were also at least 60 deaths of professional soldier-grunts (and more) when theSolarisspace-station exploded.A few days later, the sailing shipVestais bound for England.It travels with Dracula and his coffins (containing native earth) in a stormy sea voyage.Deep in the hold of the ship at dusk, Renfield (now robbed of his own identity) crouches and then protectively opens his master"s coffin to release him.She was being roughly handled by the third man, "Curly", and forcefully shoved into a locked room.Temple was told by the glib and boorish "Curly" the reason for the scuffle - Gaye"s uncontrollable drunkenness:"A case of one oo many, that"s all, Mr.Appalled by Baby Jane"s behavior, Blanche"s mother pursued the upset, demeaned and scowling Blanche backstage o try and apologize for the unfair and imbalanced treatment that long-suffering Blanche had just received from her deplorable father...Padorin will send the entire fleet..They"ll find us and hunt us down." The captain calmly explained how they had "one chance in three" to survive.Later, he told Borodin: "Moscow is not the worry, nor the whole Soviet Navy.I know their tactics.I have the advantage.No.The worry is the Americans.If we meet the right sort, this will work.We get some buckaroo..."Ryan traveled by plane to the aircraft carrierUSS Enterprise, part of the North Atlantic Fleet, commanded by Rear Admiral Joshua Painter (Fred Thompson), who respected the fact that Ryan had been a Marine officer and a Naval Academy graduate when serious injuries in a chopper accident forced him to study from the hospital during his fourth year.