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《Rafales (1990)》Storyline
It was one of the greatest Hollywood studio silent films ever made, and the most expensive at its time, budgeted at $1.After he last curtain for the show, Georgie is congratulated by backstage crew and other actors.The egotistical, big-headed lad boasts about how he has upstaged his father:Thanks, but what are you all so surprised about? You could""ve told during rehearsals that I""d be a sensation in his part.He operates the biggest stable in town, in fact, in the whole god-damned Metropolitan area.It""s stupid a stud like you paying.You don""t want to be stupid.As they walk down a congested New York street, the decrepit street hustler is crippled with a bum leg and walks with a gimp as he drags along the lame leg.Upstairs with his new "crumpets," the cocky, not-very-bright, heavy-drinking braggart McCabe took a swig of whiskey from his flask.