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Type: Musical   Region: Morocco   Year: 1999  
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《《Rozpustený a vypustený (1985)》》Storyline
The sound of the rhythmic whirring of approaching chopper blades in the green jungles of Vietnam intrudes and segues into the next major portion of the film.Hoffman successfully prepared for the role by dressing in drag and convincingly fooling others (he impersonated his daughter Jenna""s Aunt Dorothy during a parent""s evening event at school and deceptively fooled her teacher).For his impressive efforts, Indiana Jones-look-alike lead robber (named "Fedora" in the script) respectfully gave the young lad his Fedora hat, and told him: "You lost today, kid, but it doesn""t mean you have to like it.He tells them hat he is going out to take a nocturnal walk around the neighborhood, but not "down by Lincoln," after being admonished by his aunt against wandering there - the dark side of town.