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Type: History   Region: Sweden   Year: 2008  
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《La gran barrera (1947)》Storyline
The director also cast a virtual unknown newcomer to he role of the husband in his candid view of the average man - a character lost in the midst of the faceless masses.In the tale""s grim ending, she begged the town""s executioner to chop off her feet to end her incessant dancing, but the shoes continued o dance with her dismembered, amputated feet still inside.When Mark wheeled himself onto the lodge""s porch, a machete sliced diagonally into his face(# 6 death), and his wheelchair crashed backwards, down a steep outside flight of stairs.I changed my book at Boots....Just as I stepped out onto the pavement...Alec: Good morning.Laura: Oh, good morning.Alec: How""s the eye?Laura: Perfectly all right.How kind it was of you to take so much rouble.Alec: Nothing at all.It""s clearing up I think.Laura: Yes, it""s going to be nice.Alec: Well, I must be getting along to the hospital.Laura: Now I must be getting along to the grocers.Alec (wryly): What exciting lives we lead, don""t we?On a third weekly trip to town, Laura is expectant about meeting Alec again, but doesn""t.
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