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Type: Documentary   Region: India   Year: 2005  
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《Commando Fury (1986)》Storyline
"Crash" casually reacted: "Ball four." "Crash" then effortlessly punched the enraged LaLoosh to the ground when he approached.After the stunned LaLoosh complimented him: "Good punch," "Crash" introduced himself - and added that this was going to be his first baseball lesson:"I""m Crash Davis.The fiancee""s father Judge Watson (Landers Stevens, the director""s own father) is irate that Lucky is already an hour late - he expected as much from his prospective son-in-law: ".He reentered the office and asked: "Who do we play tomorrow?"As LaLoosh soaked his pitching elbow in a tub of ice after his first game, he was being interviewed by sports-reporter Whitey (Robert Dickman).More important details regarding the setting and characters are telescoped very precisely and economically - information about he theft of transit letters, the political and social situation in pro-Vichy Casablanca, the arrival of the Nazi commandant and his friendship with the self-satisfied Vichy policeman, the crucial daily flights to Lisbon, and the central importance of Rick""s Cafe.