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Type: Sci-Fi   Region: Japan   Year: 2001  
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《《Hannerl und ihre Liebhaber (1921)》》Storyline
With a yokel""s corny demeanor, Smith tells how as a child, he revered and idolized the other state""s representative, Senator Paine, as a pillar of virtue.Many have commented about the movie industry""s common early practice of "white-washing" - in other words, to use Caucasians to inappropriately play the roles of Asians (a practice specifically known as "yellowface").She told me so herself, last Friday when she called up to cancel our dinner engagement.As a matter of fact, she was going to the country to think it over.She was extremely kind, but I was always sure she would never have thrown her life away on a male beauty in distress.Confused and horrified, Rod had apparently jumped through the window and fled to escape.The murder was reported to police - and although a razor was suspected as a weapon, nothing was found at the scene.