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Type: Comedy   Region: Philippines   Year: 2004  
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《《Three for Breakfast (Short 1948)》》Storyline
The plot thickens and becomes complicated when her irresponsible ex-husband appears on the eve of the wedding, with intentions to keep her shielded from an overly-ambitious, cynical tabloid newshound (James Stewart) - a second male principal who is also vying for Hepburn""s love on the day (and night) leading up to the ceremony.It was votedthe #1 British Film of the 20th Centuryby the esteemed British Film Institute (BFI).It was co-produced by Hungarian-born Alexander Korda and American movie mogul David O.Selznick.Because Korda gave American distribution rights to Selznick (who cut eleven minutes from the original British version), the credits of the US version include Selznick references.Their brief, nearly one-sided conversation expresses their volatility, their small-mindedness, their opposite natures (one eerily silent, the other hyper-talkative) and their quick-to-anger potential:Carl: Hey, look at that.I""m as liable o go to that Palmer dance as I am to eat a couple barrels of broken glass...Aw, let her get somebody else to take her.She ought to at least be able to get one fella I should think.She tries hard enough." After heart-felt begging, Alice""s mother cajoles her grumbling son Walter into taking Alice to the Palmer party, although she later blamefully ells her husband:And it""s a shame for a girl as pretty as Alice is o have to depend on her brother takin"" her out when she could have any man in town if she only had some money to buy some decent clothes.Then he became drunk with servant-bargemaster/ butler Galion (Craig Hall) and guard Feren (Simon London) and as the group fell asleep, the invisible Bilbo stole the keys and released the imprisoned Dwarves.