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Type: Comedy   Region: Hungary   Year: 2013  
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《《Texas Rangers Ride Again (1940)》》Storyline
Joe is forced to turn back and make a risky landing - he is determined to share a steak with Bonnie that evening: "You tell that beautiful blonde I""m still in the running.He appears to be stalking his prey, calling out for "Quilty, Quilty" (played by Peter Sellers).A bottle placed on a drape-covered easy chair falls to the floor.Hidden under the sheet-covered armchair like a shrouded, corpse-like figure, the mansion""s owner suddenly stirs:Quilty: Wha? Wha? What""s that?Humbert: Are you Quilty?Quilty: (spoken with a lisp) No, I""m Spartacus.Keeping with the tradition of sex=death in theHalloweenfranchise, Myers impaled Kelly through he chest/stomach with the phallic-shaped shotgun, pinned her to he wall(# 11 death), and left her hanging there.Fellow citizens, our esteemed sheriff, Mr.Joseph Keogh, has been suddenly called out of town on urgent business.He""ll be gone permanent.So it becomes necessary for me to appoint somebody to fill out the unexpired term.Therefore, with the power conferred on me by Statute number 85-E and other statutes thereunto appertaining, I do hereby appoint to the post of Sheriff that paragon of courage, that credit to his community, the pride of Bottleneck, Mr.Specific backlash came because of the book""s unsympathetic reflection of Texas"" unique social mores, corruptness, anti-intellectualism, exploitative racism, sexism, superiority complex, excessive materialism and machismo-orientation.