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Type: Horror   Region: Tunisia   Year: 2002  
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《Baleset (1967)》Storyline
To get to the recruiting office in downtown Marietta, he rushes through crowds on the street and cleverly takes a side alley so that he can be the first in line to enlist.A strange, pot-obsessed ("Colombian gold, man, grass, hash, the weed, dig it?") motorcycle police officer named Dorf (Ron Millkie) paid the camp a visit, after a report that drunken looney Ralph was pedaling his bike there.So we""ll hunt him because he can take it.Because he""s not our hero.He""s a silent guardian, a watchful protector.A dark knight."Film Notables (Awards, Facts, etc.)A violence and action-packed superhero film based on the decades-old comic-book hero, with Christian Bale reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman (in a sleeker bat-suit), and deceased co-star Heath Ledger as the villainous, ghoulish bank robber named the Joker (who tragically died shortly after the film""s shoot, six months before the film""s release).As they sleep - and dream, seven gigantic stars slowly appear in the blackness behind them.Out of the center of each of the stars emerges the face of a beautiful woman.All seem annoyed by the presence of the intruders on the Moon.The astronomers see passing comets and meteors in their dreams.Then, the stars are replaced by a lovely vision of goddess Phoebus (Bleinette Bernon, a music hall singer) sitting on a crescent moon (she is on the Moon and also sitting on the Moon?), of Saturn in his globe surrounded by a ring, and of two charming young girls holding up a star.The film was preceded by Fleischer Studios"" and Paramount""s 17-episodeSupermananimated shorts in the early 1940s (1941-43), two serials: the 15-episodeSuperman (1948)- one of the most successful serials of all time, andAtom-Man vs.