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Type: Short   Region: Sweden   Year: 2016  
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《《Mädchen mit offenen Lippen (1972)》》Storyline
Murtaugh, realizing his friend wasn""t "crazy," invited him in for Christmas turkey dinner, along with his "friend" Sam the collie - resulting in a disastrous confrontation with the Murtaugh""s family cat Burbank.They were watched suspiciously by various bystanders and shopowners (and a TV surveillance camera) as they drove into he community - Dr.The Burnham""s new 18 year-old next door neighbor Ricky was videotaping their strained conversation, and watching through his viewfinder.In Bruce""s absence, the board of Wayne Enterprises was run by Bill Earle (Rutger Hauer), and Wayne was able to reestablish contact with his company by working with knowledgeable Applied Sciences Division ex-board member Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).