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Type: Animation   Region: Finland   Year: 2020  
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《《The Turkish Bath (Short 1921)》》Storyline
There, they see Abraham (Ugo Barbone), servant to the senior Montague, and Balthazar (Keith Skinner), servant to Romeo Montague.A jingle from the local radio station plays a chorus of "Lumberton," and while the sounds of a chain saw and falling timber play, the radio announcer ominously invites the locals:It""s a sunny, woodsy day in Lumberton, so get hose chain saws out.The crazed killer suspected that Reba had found something incriminating when she had wandered around his home.It""s the only one I got that don""t get me into trouble.Emotionless and gentlemanly, the mild-mannered, business-like professional criminal then courteously offers to Cobby what he considers a foolproof plan that he devised in prison during his seven year sentence - his proposition is delivered with a heavy German accent:Doc: I got a proposition.