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Type: Family   Region: Vietnam   Year: 2014  
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《Modern Miracles (TV Movie 1999)》Storyline
She disgustingly calls him a "copper," suspicious of his motivations to cure and revive her.He explains that he is an American intelligence officer with a secret mission to enlist her to infiltrate andspyon the Rio de Janeiro home of her father""s old associates ("German gentry") - they are part of I.Franklin opted not to carry out his orders on the baby chimp, and gave the choice to Will.Will brought the chimp home and began raising him in his house.Will""s father Charles Rodman (John Lithgow), a former "beloved music teacher" in SF, was suffering from Alzheimer""s Disease, and required daily home health-care aid from Nurse Irena (Chelah Horsdal).However, in pursuit of the ""American dream,"" similar to the Joad family""s quest, he travelsfromCalifornia (the supposed land of opportunity) to New Orleans - in the opposite direction.Luke bid his fallen nephew goodbye before his projection faded from view: "See you around, kid." After using he Force to produce his projection, Luke was sapped of strength, exhausted and weakened, and he collapsed on a rock slab.