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Type: Thriller   Region: Kuwait   Year: 2022  
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《《Private Film 24: Arrowhead (Video 1995)》》Storyline
Freddy snarled: "Welcome to my nightmare" as he propelled Jason around the interior of the boiler room like he was in a pinball machine ("Tilt").Schindler, identified by the camera with only his Nazi button-holed pin, walks along the street""s sidewalk as he passes a long line of Jewish refugees, each wearing identifying armbands...Listen jackass, your fire sale""s over." At the same time, Farrell took a video web-cam screenshot of Gabriel - and transmitted it to Bowman who recognized his former colleague." The monstrous greedy creature attacked he town of Dale, invaded Erebor and drove the Dwarves out.During the disastrous fiery assault, Thorin Oakenshield saw Elvin King Thranduil of the Woodland Realm and his Wood-Elves on a nearby hillside, watching, but not risking his kin to help defend the Dwarves.He opened a scrapbook titled "The Denton Affair" filled with pictures of Brad and Janet at the wedding - and some police affidavits.