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Type: Western   Region: Australia   Year: 2002  
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《《Rebecca Weaves (1996)》》Storyline
The ad ends with an explosion of white zooming out from the screen""s center toward Rosemary.While Rosemary is in the basement""s laundry room on her first visit there, she meets one of the other tenants - Terry Gionoffrio (Victoria Vetri who is credited in the film as Angela Dorian - her moniker as a Playboy Playmate model in September 1967 and as Playboy""s 1968 Playmate of the Year).I didn""t work my way up out of there for nuthin""...You know, akin"" over this local took a little doin"".There""s some pretty rough fellas in the way.They gave me this (he displays an ugly scar on his neck) to remember them by...I got two thousand dues-payin"" members in this local - that""s $72,000 a yearlegitimateand when each one of ""em puts in a couple of bucks a day just to make sure they work steady - well, you figure it out.Uniformed police officers drove up and began questioning him, and soon a chase of the criminals commenced, to the tune of the "Neutron Dance" (by the Pointer Sisters).While sitting on the porch of the lodge, she shot and needlessly killed a porcupine in a tree (with a crack shot - an important plot point), prompting Moose to harshly criticize her.