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Type: Horror   Region: Algeria   Year: 2007  
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《Märkische Chronik (TV Series 1983– )》Storyline
It is four million years later - in the year 2001 [possibly in homage to Fritz Lang""s German filmMetropolis (1927)that was set in the futuristic year of 2000].WhenManhattanwas released in the US, Allen was 43 and Hemingway was 17.[In real life, there were two other striking parallels:(1) Allen experienced a two-year romantic relationship with actress Stacey Nelkin, whom he first met as a 16 year-old extra on the set ofAnnie Hall (1977).Kristen had to be taken to the Quiet Room and sedated against her will o calm her, after she screamed at Dr.She entered the room using a detecting instrument to determine where the object was hidden near a bathtub, and they engaged in flirtatious conversation in the tub itself.