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Type: Crime   Region: Israel   Year: 2008  
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《《Battle Angel (TV Mini Series 1993)》》Storyline
[Rowan summarized: "But unfortunately, some people who were too smart for their own good, felt that a creature that couldn""t be killed, was simply too valuable to just file away.Dames are simple.I never met one that didn""t understand a slap in the mouth or a slug from a forty-five....Take my advice, kid, and forget all this fancy relationship stuff.The world is fulla dames.All you gotta do is whistle.Allan""s Supportive Married Friends - Dick and Linda:His married friends, hard-driven, workaholic Dick Christie (Tony Roberts) and pretty neurotic model-wife Linda (Diane Keaton) arrived and agreed o help Allan find another woman to share his life."As he cleared the table after the guests departed, FBI Special Agent Will Graham (Edward Norton) visited the famed doctor, to consult about their psychological profiling of a serial killer who was known for his precise cuts and "choice of souvenirs." To demonstrate her unbelievable powers, she manipulated his "cure"-gun, disassembled its four syringe components, and threateningly floated them toward him to scare him.As Senator Iselin is leaving the scene of pandemonium, he amends his calculation and states that there are 104 "card-carrying Communists in the Defense Department," then 275 - he cannot even remember exactly how many Commies are on his list.