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《《Gulliver""s Travels (TV Series 1992–1993)》》Storyline
Afemale spy named Valkris (Cathie Schirriff) "purchased the Genesis data" and transmitted it to ugly, menacing and treacherous Klingon Commander Kruge (Christopher Lloyd) - who then proceeded to destroy Valkris"" ship; Kruge feared the Genesis device was a new Federation weapon ("Great power to control, dominate.She watched another cockroach entrapped near her, and saw Freddy""s enlarged eye peering in at her through a slit in the box.He turned, opened his unhinged jaw, and unleashed a swarm of buzzing black flies from his mouth.Rick and Jonathan feared: "That""s two down, two to go.Then he""ll be coming after Evy."Back at the fort, Henderson approached an open window and was seized by a mass of swirling sand - his body was sucked dry (seen in shadowy silhouette) and then tossed away.Hall)infant sister Boo/LaurieMichael Myers (Daeg Faerch) mostly kept to himself in his upstairs room to avoid he constant fighting, where he wore a clown mask, and played with (and killed) his pet rat Elvis with a penknife.They were headed for their ships along the shore.Maybe the Indians caught up with them, or they got to squabbling amongst themselves over their prize, kill each other off.