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Type: Fantasy   Region: Finland   Year: 2022  
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《Bosko the Talk-Ink Kid (Short 1929)》Storyline
Nick: Yes, she""s a very nice type.Nora: You got types?Nick: Only you, darling.Lanky brunettes with wicked jaws.It was obvious that Nick had been drinking heavily, and Nora wanted to keep up with him:Nora: Say, how many drinks have you had?Nick: This will make six martinis.Zira and Cornelius assisted Brent and Nova to escape (and provided him with clothing ""fit for humans""), and advised: "Never to speak" if caught by the gorillas: "Only apes can speak.Once Marvin arrived, Joe and others led Marvin to a shack filled with a "sizeable pile of cotton" (stolen) where everyone loaded up over half a dozen burlap sacks of cotton and carried them to be ginned at Kyle Jackson""s place.The oft-repeated simulation was about how to react to a Russian missile attack upon the US from multiple sites, with first impact within 25 minutes.