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Type: Biography   Region: China   Year: 2002  
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《《Number 96 (TV Series 1980–1981)》》Storyline
As she follows after him, she pauses to absent-mindedly pick up more olives at the table of psychiatrist Dr." The independent-minded and assertive Anna asked why the wives kept addressing her as "Sir" - and Lady Thiang explained that she was regarded as a superior Western woman in their misogynistic country - much higher in social status han other Siamese women: "Because you scientific, not lowly like woman.Lou was impressed by Dave""s claim that he had been recommended by Harry Gropke, one of Lou""s old associates in Las Vegas - a long-past connection with the underworld." Tense as he struggles to get through, he hops on a caisson-drawn wagon, whispers something into one of he veteran""s ears, and is quickly dashed away.