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Type: Western   Region: Vietnam   Year: 2022  
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《《A Strange Adventure (1932)》》Storyline
"First...chance had brought hem face to face; now...mysterious instincts, as ungovernable as he winds of the heavens, were knitting their lives together.Bruce allowed himself to be captured in order to find Fox.With Selina""s aid, Fox and Wayne were both freed to retrieve a disruptor device installed in the Bat.Feeling sympathetic o Jamie, Rachel begrudgingly accepted the baby-sitting job, and proposed that they have ice cream at the Dairy Queen after-school.Why-...Golly, what""s the use? Walter, you-you wouldn""t know what it means to want to be respectable and live a half-way normal life.In the dreamscape, an alleyway behind Jake""s Bar, Taryn became separated from Kristen, and decided to challenge Freddy with her switchblades ("OK, asshole, let""s dance") and they fought for awhile.