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Type: Mystery   Region: Iran   Year: 2012  
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《《The Libertine (1916)》》Storyline
Film Notables (Awards, Facts, etc.)This fourth film of theDeadseries, a comeback film for Romero, posited the apocalyptic collapse of human society.They were supervised by their Faculty Advisor, Professor Andrew Maxwell (Scott Wentworth) in their college film studies course, Jason""s senior-class project at the University of Pittsburgh.They ran to the source of the noise, shocked to see Burns in a chair with all of his organs and liquids drained from his body.They passed the neighborhood street singers (from the first film), referred to by Rocky as "the neighborhood""s jukebox," who sang the new couple a special song in commemoration of their marriage.It could be used to enhance elepathic powers and help in recruitment.With McCoy""s guidance, Charles experimented with Cerebro and located the coordinates of a number of mutants.