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Type: Family   Region: Czech Republic   Year: 2007  
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《Sunday Dinner (TV Series 1991)》Storyline
Great Scene(s):The hijacking of theUSS Enterprise, the destruction of theUSS Enterprise, Kirk""s hand-to-hand combat (fight to the death) with Klingon Captain Kruge.He chases "Nosey" into he National Press Club and denounces the entire offensive press corps, but they verbally counter-attack and caution him about political realities and his altruistic view of the world:Smith: Why don""t you tell the truth for a change?.Although dubbed "Disney""s Folly" during the three-four year production of the musical animation, Disney realized that he had to expand and alter the format of cartoons.The second viewing of the beginning of the film reveals different patterns, new camera angles, additional information, fresh editing, and richer significance.During the chaotic skirmish, Kili was wounded in the leg by one of Bolg""s poisoned arrows from his black bow.