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Type: War   Region: Greece   Year: 2008  
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She was obsessing and fussing over the guest list, in particular, finding an "extra-man" partner for her single guest Carlotta: "I""m simply out of my mind.I can make them all go away." After a reckless car-chase almost ending in disaster, he saved her from dropping off a steep cliff while hanging from her car, and she agreed to talk to him about his proposal, without a "decent interval" before love-making.She found herself trapped and drowning in the shower stall when the door wouldn""t open.As she pounded on the door, it opened and she was thrown naked o the floor - but now the scene changed.And then she re-crosses her legs in the opposite direction.The rest of the questioning is completed by Nick - they toy with each other and dig their eyes into each other:Catherine: (finishing her answer about ""f--king"" on cocaine).Plot SynopsisFirst Close Encounter:Sonora Desert, MexicoThe film begins in darkness following some initial credits - as orchestral sounds build in volume, a brilliant flash of light fills the screen.