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Type: War   Region: India   Year: 2013  
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《《Spine (Video 1986)》》Storyline
" Troubled and nervous by his behavior, she urged him to hurry to the bridge, and he assented, but he found himself too late to assist at the crash site.Pendergast would object ("I couldn""t take it").Joe responded that it could be seen as a "wedding present - take it on your honeymoon," and then pleaded:"I want to give it to you."In the woods, Jason stumbled upon a fivesome of corporate sales executives (four males and one female) wearing protective eye-goggles and camouflage uniforms, and playing paint-ball wargames:Katie (Ann Ryerson)machete-wielding, female-hating sexist Burt (Wallace Merck), wearing a black DEAD headbandStan (Matthew Faison)Larry (Alan Blumenfeld)geeky Roy (Whitney Rydbeck)The only female in the group, Katie was eliminating most of the other males in the group, infuriating Burt." He was told they were seeking "the knowledge of Earth""s ultimate fate recorded on tapes in the archives of the forbidden city -- which is contaminated but still may be inhabited by humans.