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Type: War   Region: Philippines   Year: 2015  
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《Hong Kong (1952)》Storyline
Dr.Carol Marcus insisted on speaking to her father, to end the carnage by informing him that she was on-board.If brought together simultaneously, they would make one the Master (Conqueror, Vanquisher) of Death (with the power of immortality):the Elder (Tree) Wand - the most powerful wand in existence (the straight line)the Resurrection Stone - to bring back the dead (the round circle)the Cloak of Invisibility - to cover onself and cause invisibility (the enclosing triangle)Then, treacherous Xenophilius (who had earlier alerted he Death Eaters to the trio""s presence by sending out his raven) betrayed them (desperate, he was planning to ransom them in exchange for his abducted daughter Luna) and attempted to detain them, but he trio disapparated and escaped to the forest -- unfortunately hey found themselves surrounded and apprehended by the Snatchers, and were bound for Malfoy Manor." Paulie degraded his sister and pummeled her self-image - he regarded Adrian as a loser that Rocky shouldn""t even waste his time on.When the dust settled, the three stowed-away teens (Tracy, Carlos, and Spencer) in the back of the van tumbled into view.]He even had to identify the gag prop of a set of plastic chattering eeth (he exclaimed to the dour interrogator: "You see how funny it is?").