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Type: Horror   Region: Iraq   Year: 2007  
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It was also appropriate because singing could be heard inside a room.]Mundson: How did you know?Johnny: How""d I know what?Mundson: So you don""t know.Come.(He opens his outer bedroom door and faint singing is heard through the doorway) This is where the canary is, John.Now revealed and seen from mid-range, the words of the Bee Gee""s"Staying Alive"rhythmic song helped to describe his character:Well, you can tell by the way I use my walkI""m a woman""s man, no time to talk.[Note: During the ""Russian Roulette"" sequence, none of the words of the Vietcong were subtitled, helping to dehumanize them.Do you know what I mean?...I hope you""ll try and remember that.Blanche: (with an irritated tone) I won""t forget.You bet I won""t forget.1935In a film studio screening room, executive producer Ben Feldman (Bert Freed) and agent Marty McDonald (Wesley Addy) were watching clips from two previous films of ""Baby Jane"" Hudson (Bette Davis) - a meta-textual use of actual film footage:Parachute Jumper (1933), starring ""Baby Jane"" as unemployed Miss Patricia ""Alabama"" Brent, in a scene where she was applying for a job as a stenographer for gangster Mr.