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Type: Sci-Fi   Region: Mexico   Year: 2024  
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《"Dong-ne-byeon-ho-sa Jo Deul-ho" Episode #2.31 (TV Episode 2019)》Storyline
When McAdam returned o his hotel room to get his things before leaving with High-Spade, he was ambushed by ""Dutch"".I want to be a toe dancer." Sophia""s mother scolded her: "Be quiet, Sophia.You""re going to marry a king if I have anything to do with it."It was revealed that the doctor (a "horse doctor"), after basically pronouncing that the young girl was healthy (although she may have had scarlet fever and/or a spinal ailment and would be required o wear a "harness" for a year), was also the locality""s "public hangman" or executioner (who performed "operations with an axe").Meanwhile, "Nuclear Man" spun himself into an Italian volcano to cause an eruption and molten lava flow that threatened a small town.They treated him as a drifter who was stealing from hem.When one of them called the mute giant Michael "7-foot of f--k-tard" and hey beat him with a baseball bat ("a professional ass-whupping"), Michael collapsed to the ground.