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Type: Fantasy   Region: Kuwait   Year: 2013  
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《《Ein Mann steht seine Frau (TV Series 1997– )》》Storyline
The woman pats her growing abdomen knowing that she is already pregnant (by another man) and that her future husband is going off to war and may not return.Sam Loomis (Donald Pleasence) as a dangerous, isolated patient at the institution.When he was about to be transferred, Michael at age 21 (Tony Moran, also credited as "The Shape" played by Nick Castle, incorrectly identified in the end credits as 23) assaulted a nurse in the institution""s station wagon by leaping onto it and then driving away.Tension and excitement is achieved by moving the players, rather than moving the camera angles.Beginning/Ending:The ending (or the beginning - it was interchangeable) helped place the film in history books - a gun was pointed straight at the audience by a bandit and fired right in their faces to startle hem.But afraid to encourage her and show any emotion, he warns in his typical monotone voice: "Don""t you go gettin"" any ideas, Doll.
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