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Type: Action   Region: Norway   Year: 2019  
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" He was also straightforward about his alcoholism:I wouldn""t admit this to anyone but you, but I drink oo much.Now Sauron was in pursuit to reclaim the ring that gave its possessor invincible power and threatened to cover the lands with darkness.The has-been tramp preaches charity, kindness, plain-speaking, homely aphorisms, and a doctrine of good-neighborliness.Wayne discovered that Wallace had been rejecting all payments with hateful return messages written in red ink on the checks...trampling everything in his path - men, women and morals!It""s TENSE...it""s TOUGH...it""s TERRIFIC...It""s a BOX-OFFICE ACE!!!!!There were two real-life events that served as historical precedents for the film""s central plot - the exploitative stage-management of an "ace in the hole" media-frenzied story at the site of a tragedy.